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DVR Service

Watch What You Want, When You Want It

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) service from Jefferson Telecom lets you watch what you want, when you want. With DVR service, you can keep up with all of your activities and still not miss your favorite shows. It makes it quick and easy to automatically record any show that airs on Jefferson Telecom cable TV. Then whenever it's a good time to watch, these programs will be waiting for you to enjoy. Record one episode or an entire season - it's up to you.

DVR service also enables you to:

  • Pause, rewind, and slow-motion instant replay the action during live telecasts such as sporting events.
  • Watch one show while recording another. For example, you can watch the big game as it happens while recording the season finale of a TV drama to watch later.
  • Pause live TV to answer the phone or go to the door to get the pizza you ordered.
  • Save time by fast-forwarding through recorded programming that doesn't interest you.

Tutorials/User Guides:

Want to learn more about using your DVR? The following iGuide user manual and tutorial have great information about using the Interactive Program Guide and include sections on using your DVR service.

iGuide Video Tutorial for HD/DVR - Please note that some of the features covered in the i-Guide tutorial and user guide such as Video on Demand are not available through Jefferson Telecom at this time. Also, note, if you do not currently subscribe to DVR service through Jefferson Telecom, the DVR segment is not applicable.

Make TV viewing much more fun and more convenient. Add DVR service to your Jefferson Telecom Expanded Basic Cable subscription for a nominal monthly rate. For complete details, call us at 386-4141.