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What is High Definition Television?

High Definition is a form of a digital television signal. HD means the signal is of higher quality.

How many High Definition channels does Jefferson Telecom offer?

We currently offer over 30 high definition channels.

What is the difference between an HDTV and an HD-Ready TV or HD Monitor?

Before January 2006, not all new TV sets and not even all HD-capable TVs included digital reception capabilities. Many of these sets are known as "HD-Ready TVs" or "HDTV Monitors". These terms are interchangeable. A TV by either label is capable of high-definition display, but requires an HDTV source (like the Zinwell ZAT-600HD tuner we sell) to achieve HDTV viewing. These HD-ready TVs typically include a traditional analog tuner for the reception of standard analog broadcasts.

What type of cable service do I need to receive local broadcast high definition channels?

You must have a minimum of basic cable service and a digital tuner. HD channels come standard (no additional charge) with basic cable service. Your TV will need a built-in digital tuner (ATSC) broadcast or (8VSB) CATV. Look in your manual for DTV or CADTV. All TV's manufactured as of January 2006 have an ACTS digital tuner built in.

Some TVs have one RF input connector and some have two. If you have one input, you will need to go to the Menu and select memorize digital channels. If you have two inputs, one labeled CATV and Antenna, you may need to connect to both inputs to get the signal.

If you are purchasing an HDTV with digital tuner do the following:

Ask the salesperson if the TV you are looking to purchase has a built-in ATSC digital tuner. The digital tuner needs to receive 8VSB in a CATV format or ATSC broadcast.

Where can I purchase a digital tuner if my HDTV does not have one?

Jefferson Telecom will sell you a Zinwell ZAT-600HD tuner.

Jefferson Telecom is here for all of your cable TV needs. We not only offer high definition channels but a variety of premium channels such as HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Encore. Review our channel listing for further information and call our office to find out how you can start enjoying cable TV through your local provider.