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A Tradition of Technology

In the center of America's heartland there exists a flourishing entity by the name of Jefferson Telecom. Those who are not familiar with the enterprise, are often surprised by the spirit and vision that flow from this independent company. Those familiar have come to expect nothing less.For more than 65 years, Jefferson Telephone Company has quietly built a tradition of communications technology that few others in its class can boast. Privately held, the company offers maximum adaptability and versatility without all the red tape and restrictions facing larger telephone companies.As America's communication intensive businesses prepare to enter this new century, Jefferson Telecom strategically positioned to take them there with state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology.

Central to your Success

When mapping out the direction your company will take on America's information superhighway, consider the fact that Jefferson Telecom is quite literally in the center of things. Located in Jefferson, Iowa, a thriving community of nearly 5,000, many of the companies served by Jefferson Telecom do business from coast to coast and worldwide.

Timing is Everything

For providers of customer service by phone, timing is everything. Iowa's Central Time Zone provides communication intensive business with the competitive advantage of maximum reach --- that means 16 hours of calling opportunity every day. When workers on the Atlantic coast have hung it up for the day, your employees can still be making and taking calls to and from the Pacific coast.

Tomorrow's Technology Today

Jefferson Telecom is poised and ready to provide your growing enterprise with state-of-the-art technology and know-how:

  • Company-owned fiber optic cables provide quality local and long-distance service.
  • Redundant routes allow for reliable, high-volume communications traffic.
  • Digital switching has been a part of Jefferson Telecom since 1982. This capability allows for extensive growth with additional lines.
  • Membership in Iowa Network Services allows access to more than 1,300 miles of fiber optics connections in Iowa.
  • Equal access allows Jefferson Telecom business and residential customers to choose from more than 100 long-distance carriers.
  • The Video Conferencing Center in Jefferson is available for all Jefferson Telecom customers.
  • Vital capabilities such as voice mail, cellular service and paging are just a few more options available for the asking.
  • A highly trained and experienced local communications engineering and repair staff brings customers quality service and quick turnaround.
  • To top it all off, Jefferson Telecom offers custom design and ongoing consultation services to all of its business customers.

A Location That Makes Sense

Locating a communications intensive business in Jefferson, Iowa, could be one of the smartest business moves you'll ever make. Here's why:

  • Volume-driven, flexible telephone service rates
  • No sales tax on interstate telecommunications services
  • An array of available buildings, some computer-ready and climate-controlled
  • An abundance of the most highly skilled and educated workers in the nation
  • Joint venture opportunities for qualified businesses. For more information about positioning your business in the center of one of America's most progressive business environments, call us today at 515-386-4141 or fax your request to 515-386-2600.